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This three and a half hour tour begins with a visit to Zanzibar's colourful market, alive with the buzz of locals bartering fresh vegetables and baskets of tropical fruit, amongst the heady aroma of herbs and spices. Having sampled some wild passion fruit, red bananas, mangoes and other exotic fruit, we continue onto the site of a cathedral built in 1874. Signifying a potent time in Zanzibar's history, it stands on the site of a past slave market.

Abolished in 1873 by decree of the Sultan of Zanzibar, the cathedral's altar stands on the exact site of the whipping post that was in the market. From here we visit the Zanzibar Museum, Tippu Tip's House, the former British Club, the Old Fort, People's Garden, House of Wonders and the recently renovated Indian Dispensary. Your tour ends with a stroll through the narrow streets of Stone Town.

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