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Mount Kenya is a broad, large symmetrical volcano cone whose diameter at the base is about 12 km it was formed between 2.6 and 3.1 million years ago by eruptions of successive layers of volcanic lava and agglomerate from a central vent in the earth surface. Mount Kenya is climbed at all times of year if possible however it is best to try to avoid the two rainy seasons that usually start in mid March and lasts through till mid June. As on any high mountain, proper equipment is vital for a safe and enjoyable climb. Even with porters, climbers should carry some basic equipment with them at all times, including rain gear, spare jersey, water and first aid kit.

High altitude problems are caused through the inability of the human body to adjust to a through various forms to the often more fatal pulmonary and cerebral oedemus (Hape and Hace) the later being less common. Young males seem to be most badly affected.

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